Sunday, November 22, 2009

10 Plagues

For the lesson on the 10 plagues we made a scroll of sorts that showed an example of each of the plagues. I gathered the color pages from several different sources I google. Some of my favorite sites are,
They both have a ton of ideas for scripture based crafts.
The prep work for this lesson didn't take more than a half an hour once I had my idea in place and had found the examples. I used legal size paper and drew 10 sections and numered each. Depending on the age of the kids you can have them cut their own colored pictures out and figure out where they go on the main sheet or precut them for younger kids. The coloring pictures are for Plagues 1,2,5,6,8 & 10. The rest are; #3 we glued rice to the page for lice, #4 I used a hole punch and made small black circles and we drew wings on them for flies. # 7 we tore tiny pieces off marshmallows and stuck them on the page, and finally # 9 we colored the section black then glued on google eyes for darkness. I like to make the lesson literal when I can because it seems to make a longer lasting memory for the kids. I also found that the kids remember the plagues we made more readily than the ones we colored.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I got the coloring age from and used fancy scissors to cut around the picture. The kids glued it down to black construction paper and we put 2 holes for yarn so it could be hung. I'm always on a budget so yarn is inexpensive and handy. You could dress it up more with ribbon and put it on a pretty card stock paper instead. We used small squares of tissue paper to make the rows of the rainbow. We just put down glue stick and crumpled the tissue squares down. The Poem is about Forgiveness and apologizing.


This was just a coloring page but they also made a wand with an angel attached to get the visual of the home being Passed Over... I used a Tongue Depressor for the Angel and 3 Popsicle sticks for the door frame. each child used red marker to mark their door as we told the story. We used a brag for a door handle. They all turned out very cute!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jesus Walks on Water

Jesus walking on water. I made this a 2 dimensional craft. When you print out the templates leave a piece of paper below them to fold back to tape or glue down to a half page of blue construction paper. That way Jesus and the boat will both stand up on the page. If you have a thicker stock of paper it will work a bit better but regular copy paper will work as well. I cut out some fish and octopus to put on mine but had stickers for the smaller children to put on theirs. I love it when the craft shows the lesson. I'm very visual and see that my kids are as well. When the craft really reflects the lesson, my daughter always seems to remember more about it when I talk with her after class. Hope you have fun with this one!!

Jesus Cares

This is a little medical kit. It could be a purse style for girls or waist style for the boys. The message can be adjusted. I just took recycled file folders that the tabs were ruined on and cut out a long rectangle then folded it in half. The picture shows both the front and the back. I used the hole punch all the way around and had long strands of yarn for each child in class. I wrap tape around the yarn end to make a needle of sorts to make it easier for the preschool children. This would work well for a lot of different lesson plans; Jesus cares, medical kit, 40 years in the wilderness from Exodus. It could be used for any of the healing miracles preformed by Jesus. Obviously here we used it for Acts 10:38 with the Lesson Plan of Jesus went around doing good. I think this was when we were teaching from the David Cook curriculum.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

In God We Trust - SON Visors

The message this week is "Trust in God even when others are not". With the Celebration of our Countries Independence just a few days away the message made me remember our founding Fathers and there belief in our wonderful Lord and Savior. They include our Lord in all of the historical documents and God was the cornerstone of this great nation. In God We Trust / Trust in God. It just helped solidify this craft idea. I hope it will be useful and fun.
If you click on the picture you can print preview to make certain the sizing is correct. Poke the holes out or use a hole punch. Put a piece of yarn in each circle or braid 3 strands as my friend Jennifer suggested. (Red, White & Blue ) It will work best if you use a thicker stock paper or you can glue two pieces together to add a new color under the visor and add strength.
God Bless and Happy 4th!!!!!