Sunday, July 5, 2009

Jesus Cares

This is a little medical kit. It could be a purse style for girls or waist style for the boys. The message can be adjusted. I just took recycled file folders that the tabs were ruined on and cut out a long rectangle then folded it in half. The picture shows both the front and the back. I used the hole punch all the way around and had long strands of yarn for each child in class. I wrap tape around the yarn end to make a needle of sorts to make it easier for the preschool children. This would work well for a lot of different lesson plans; Jesus cares, medical kit, 40 years in the wilderness from Exodus. It could be used for any of the healing miracles preformed by Jesus. Obviously here we used it for Acts 10:38 with the Lesson Plan of Jesus went around doing good. I think this was when we were teaching from the David Cook curriculum.

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